Unconventional Tow Vehicles: Surprising Choices for Getting Your Race Car To The Track

When it comes to transporting a race car, the typical image that comes to mind is a large, powerful truck or a sleek and sophisticated car hauler. However, sometimes circumstances can be quite different, and racers find themselves in need of more creative solutions. In this blog post, we will explore some unexpected tow vehicles that have been used to transport race cars. From humble hatchbacks to unconventional commercial vehicles, these surprising choices demonstrate the resourcefulness and determination of motorsport enthusiasts.

  1. The Mighty Minivan:

While minivans are often associated with soccer moms and family road trips, they have proven to be surprisingly capable when it comes to transporting race cars. With their spacious interiors and foldable seats, minivans offer ample room for a race car and its accompanying gear. A sturdy roof rack or a trailer hitch can be added to enhance their towing capacity. Racers have successfully transported their track-ready machines in minivans, showcasing their versatility beyond conventional uses.

  1. The Versatile SUV:

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are known for their ability to handle a variety of terrains and weather conditions. Due to their robust engines and generous cargo space, many SUVs can be transformed into reliable race car tow vehicles. By utilizing a sturdy tow hitch and a well-designed trailer, SUV owners can harness the power and utility of their vehicles to transport their prized race cars to the track. With the added advantage of off-road capabilities, SUVs become an even more attractive choice for those participating in rally racing or events held in remote locations.

  1. The Unlikely Sedan:

While sedans might not seem like an obvious choice for towing race cars, resourceful racers have made it work. With proper modifications, sedans can be equipped with heavy-duty towing equipment, such as hitches and reinforced suspension. Although they may lack the cargo space of larger vehicles, sedans make up for it with their agility, fuel efficiency, and ease of maneuverability. The sight of a race car being towed by a sedan can certainly turn heads and challenge conventional expectations.

  1. The Unexpected Commercial Vehicle:

When all else fails, some racers have resorted to using commercial vehicles to transport their race cars. Delivery trucks, panel vans, and even buses have been repurposed to fulfill the towing requirements of race teams. These unconventional choices offer substantial cargo space, customization options, and enhanced durability. Though they may lack the style and speed associated with traditional race car transport, commercial vehicles prove that functionality can surpass aesthetics when it comes to the world of motorsports.


When it comes to transporting a race car, creativity knows no bounds. While powerful trucks and dedicated car haulers remain the go-to choice for many, these unexpected tow vehicles demonstrate the ingenuity and determination of motorsport enthusiasts. From minivans and SUVs to sedans and commercial vehicles, racers have found unique ways to transport their race cars to the track. It's a testament to the passion and resourcefulness of the racing community, proving that with a bit of imagination and adaptability, any vehicle can become a surprising and capable tow vehicle for your beloved race car.