Brake Duct Hose

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Rated to 275 degrees or 550 degrees depending on the option you choose.

These high-temp hoses direct air from front mounted air ducts to spindle ducts for brake cooling. They are extremely flexible and pliable, but also feature a spring steel wire support to help prevent hose collapse during use.

Brake Cooling Duct Hose Material:
Thermoplastic rubber or Silicon coated woven fiberglass
Brake Cooling Duct Hose Color:
Black (275F) or Orange (550F)
Brake Cooling Duct Hose Diameter (in.):
Brake Cooling Duct Hose Length (in.):
Sold individually.
Single ply with a spring steel wire inner or Double ply with a spring steel wire inner and an external fiberglass cord support. Smooth inner wall for unrestricted flow.