Circuit II QRT Racing Seat

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The Sparco Circuit II QRT competition seats boast a roomier design for bigger drivers seeking comfort. Crafted with Sparco's QRT ultra-light technology, this fiberglass shell is encompassed in an impact-absorbing, fire-retardant material.

Plus, it's HANS compatible to facilitate combining with a 6-point harness and head and neck restraint (sold separately) for total driver restraint.

Sparco Circuit II QRT competition seat details:

* Aramadic fiber-reinforced fiberglass construction
* Highback, bucket-style design
* Smooth and slim backrest for high lateral support
* Pre-shaped thigh cushion separates the driver legs
* Anti-wear fabric added to seat edges improves durability and wear
* No-slip fabric for shoulders and bottom cushion
* Side mount application
* FIA-approved

Don't forget to grab a 6-point or 5-point racing harness for your new seat!