HARD Motorsport BMW E36 Brake Ducting Kit

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Overheating your brakes can end an entire weekend at the track and is the most common reason for premature brake failure and wear. Hi-Flow Molded ABS Cooling Ductwork: The HARD Motorsport Brake Cooling DUCT kit is designed for maximum efficiency specifically for the BMW E36. Race inspired by modern duct design of top motorsport teams and manufacturers. Easy Mounting / Removable Front Bumper: Because the ducts are supported by the frame rail, you can remove your entire front bumper without the need of disconnecting ANY part of your brake cooling system. No need to fumble with bolts, screws, and duct clamps, or unintentionally ripping out your flex tubing in the process. No need for extra inlets: The kit provides all that you need for mounting brake cooling ducts directly to factory mounting points on the frame rail of your BMW E36 M3. These ducts draw cold air directly from the design of the bumper. Our quality ABS plastic molded ducts are designed to endure the rigors of racing. Durable and easy to manage. No need for all that flex hose: While our kit reduces the area of interference, space is limited, so contact may still occur at full lock.** However, our kit uses a fraction of the length of flex tube over any other kit, so replacing this short hose is much easier on a budget and is a time saver in the paddock. Features:

  • Left and Right contour-molded ABS chamber ducts / inlets
  • Left and Right HARD aluminum mounting brackets / abrasion plate
  • (Optional) left and right brake cooling backing plates
  • (2) high temperature 3" flex hose if optional backing plates purchased
  • (4) stainless steel hose clamps if optional backing plates purchased

** Tire clearance must be checked after installation while the car is on the ground. The ducts may not eliminate all of your contact issues at full lock depending on several variables. Steering Limiters are available if needed. Designed for application on E36 M3. Ducting compatible with NON-M E36 fitted with M3 front bumper.