Tillett TBB5T Seat Mounting Bracket

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The TBB5T side mounted brackets are a 30 mm taller version of the TBB5 brackets. It is sometimes necessary to lift the seat in a road car since the B5 driving position is very low when compared to regular seats or other performance seats. TBB5T brackets are 90 degrees and therefore can point inwards or outwards. A common configuration is to use the TBB5T brackets to hard mount the passenger seat and use the TBB5 & STRI combination to allow the driver seat to slider. The STRI sliders can definitely be used with these TBB5T brackets as well, though the seating won't be as maximally low as compared to the TBB5 brackets. But due to how low a B5 seat is, some cars necessitate gaining height and using the TBB5T & STRI combination instead. Tillett TB2 and TB3 brackets for use with B5 seat