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OMP Racing is a revered name in the motorsports world, renowned for its range of high-performance racing equipment and accessories. Established in 1973 in Genoa, Italy, OMP Racing has grown into a global leader, setting industry standards with its dedication to quality, safety, and innovation.

The brand's diverse product lineup encompasses racing suits, gloves, helmets, shoes, seats, harnesses, and steering wheels, catering to drivers across various motorsport disciplines. OMP Racing's gear is characterized by its meticulous craftsmanship and use of cutting-edge materials, ensuring optimal safety and performance for drivers at all levels.

With a history deeply rooted in motorsports, OMP Racing has solidified its reputation by collaborating with professional racing teams and drivers to develop specialized solutions that meet the demands of competitive racing environments. The brand's commitment to research and development has led to technological breakthroughs, such as fire-resistant materials and ergonomic designs, all aimed at enhancing driver safety and comfort.

Beyond the track, OMP Racing's influence extends to the automotive and lifestyle scenes, with its iconic logo and products often embraced by enthusiasts who value both style and performance. As a trailblazer in motorsports safety, OMP Racing continues to evolve its offerings, setting the bar for excellence in racing equipment and maintaining its status as a trusted choice for drivers seeking uncompromising quality and innovation.

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