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Simpson Racing is a renowned name in the world of motorsport safety gear and equipment. With a history spanning over six decades, Simpson has been a pioneer in developing high-quality racing gear to protect drivers and enhance their safety on the track.

One of Simpson's core offerings is their wide range of racing helmets. These helmets are crafted with precision engineering, advanced materials, and attention to detail, ensuring optimal head protection for drivers during high-speed races and accidents. Simpson's helmets are approved by various safety organizations and have become a go-to choice for professional racers and amateurs alike.

Simpson Racing Products produces an array of safety equipment, including fire-resistant racing suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, and racing harnesses. All of their products adhere to the strictest safety standards.

Simpson Racing is also known for its contributions to motorsport safety innovation. The company was instrumental in introducing the parachute system for drag racing, which aids in slowing down vehicles after crossing the finish line at extreme speeds.

Beyond the track, Simpson's safety gear is utilized in various other high-performance environments, such as off-road racing, rally, and other adrenaline-fueled sports.

With a commitment to excellence, continuous innovation, and a strong dedication to driver safety, Simpson Racing Products has earned the trust of professional drivers and teams worldwide. Their products' reliability and proven track record in safeguarding drivers make them an industry leader and a top choice for those seeking the best in motorsport safety gear.

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