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Simpson Racing is an iconic brand in the world of motorsports safety gear. Established in 1959 by Bill Simpson, the company has played a pivotal role in shaping the safety standards of racing equipment, earning a reputation for innovation, quality, and commitment to driver protection.

With a rich history deeply rooted in motorsports, Simpson Racing has been at the forefront of safety advancements. The brand's product line encompasses a wide range of racing gear, including helmets, suits, gloves, harnesses, and other safety accessories. Each product is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art materials and engineering techniques, ensuring that drivers are equipped with gear that meets or exceeds safety regulations.

Simpson's influence in motorsports is notable through its involvement with legendary drivers and teams, contributing to the development of specialized equipment that caters to the unique demands of various racing disciplines. The brand's racing helmets, renowned for their exceptional protection and comfort, have become a hallmark of driver safety on tracks around the world.

Beyond its products, Simpson Racing has contributed to motorsports safety through research, testing, and advocacy, helping to raise awareness about the importance of protective gear among drivers and enthusiasts.

As a brand that embodies a legacy of safety and innovation, Simpson Racing remains a trusted choice for professional drivers and racing aficionados who prioritize quality and protection. Its continued dedication to advancing safety technology ensures that drivers can pursue their passion with confidence, knowing that they are equipped with some of the most reliable and cutting-edge safety gear available.

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