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Schroth Racing is a renowned and well-established company that specializes in manufacturing high-performance safety equipment for motorsports. Founded in 1946 by aerospace engineer Dr. Erich Schroth, the company's rich heritage in motorsport safety stretches back over seven decades. From its inception, Schroth Racing has been at the forefront of safety innovation, catering to the needs of professional racers, motorsport teams, and enthusiasts worldwide.

One of Schroth Racing's most significant contributions to motorsport safety is the development of racing harnesses. Their cutting-edge harness systems are designed to keep drivers securely and comfortably strapped into their seats, minimizing the risk of injury during high-speed races, crashes, or sudden decelerations. Schroth's harnesses use advanced technology and high-quality materials, providing maximum protection without compromising on comfort.

Beyond professional racing, Schroth Racing also caters to track day enthusiasts and performance driving communities, offering a range of safety gear that meets the same high standards found in their professional-grade products.

In addition to their focus on safety, Schroth Racing continues to invest in research and development, seeking innovative ways to enhance their product offerings further. Their dedication to advancing motorsport safety technology has solidified their position as a leader in the industry.

Overall, Schroth Racing remains a symbol of trust, reliability, and cutting-edge safety technology in the world of motorsports, playing a crucial role in safeguarding drivers and improving safety standards across various racing disciplines.

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