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Put Safety First With Snell-Certified Auto Racing Helmets

Embrace Unbeatable Safety With Our Snell-Approved Helmets

What are Racing Helmets?

Racing helmets are essential safety gear for motorsports enthusiasts, providing crucial protection to drivers during high-speed competitions. Specifically designed to meet the safety needs of amateur race car drivers and individuals progressing through HPDE (High-Performance Driving Events) or exploring road racing, these helmets adhere to rigorous standards set by organizations like Snell and FIA. Motorcycle helmets aren't good enough - you'll need to have SA certification for car racing.

What Material Should You Choose When Buying a Racing Helmet? 

The choice between carbon fiber helmets and those made from other Snell-approved materials depends on the racer's preferences, budget, and racing needs. Professional drivers often opt for carbon fiber helmets due to their premium features. Amateur racers and enthusiasts may find great value in Snell-approved helmets constructed from fiberglass or Kevlar. Regardless of the material, all Snell-approved racing helmets are designed to offer the highest level of protection, allowing racers to pursue their passion with confidence and safety in mind.

Carbon Fiber

We always recommend carbon fiber. Carbon fiber racing helmets are renowned for their excellent impact absorption properties, reducing the risk of head injuries during crashes. Moreover, the lightweight nature of carbon fiber reduces strain on the neck, enabling drivers to maintain focus and endurance throughout long races.

Snell-Approved Helmets

In contrast, Snell-approved helmets made of different materials may include fiberglass, Kevlar, or a combination of both. While not as lightweight as carbon fiber, these helmets still provide impressive protection and are often more cost-effective. Fiberglass helmets are known for their durability and impact resistance, while Kevlar helmets add strength to the helmet without significantly increasing weight.

Types of Racing Helmets

In the world of motorsports, various types of racing helmets cater to different racing disciplines and driver preferences. 

Full-Face Helmets

These helmets provide the most protection, covering the entire head and face. They are a favorite among closed cockpit racers like those in Formula 1 and sports car racing due to their comprehensive coverage.

Open-Face Helmets

Also known as three-quarter helmets, these cover the head and sides but leave the face open. They are popular among rally racers and those in events where communication and visibility are crucial.

Off-Road Helmets

Designed for dirt biking and off-road racing, these helmets have a distinctive chin bar and visor for added protection against debris and impacts.

Modular Helmets

These versatile helmets can switch between full-face and open-face configurations, offering adaptability for various racing conditions.

Aero Helmets

Mostly used in cycling and time trial racing, aero helmets have a streamlined design to reduce drag and improve speed.

Snell Ratings

Regardless of the type, ensuring your helmet has the appropriate Snell rating for your racing discipline is crucial. Snell-rated helmets meet strict safety standards and offer peace of mind when you're on the track.

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