SuperNova Carbon Fiber Helmet

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G-FORCE SuperNova helmets offer all the great Nova model features but come packed in a lightweight 100 percent T800 carbon fiber shell. These dual certified full-face helmets provide comfort, cooling, and a large field of view, along with other newly designed qualities to keep you safe, secure, and stylish while focusing on the race. One of the key features that sets the SuperNova ahead of the competition is a Modular Fit Pad system that allows customization of your G-FORCE helmet—so it fits you like no other helmet can. The specially designed sizing pads can be used in six different liner fit pads in your G-FORCE racing helmet (four around the crown of your head and each cheekpad). Sizing pads can be added one at a time or in a stack or removed all together to provide you with the greatest range of customization possible. Need more padding on the sides of your head? Cheeks too tight? Simply go to a smaller size pad—or run without one—it's completely up to you!

Other features of the SuperNova helmets:

* Total weight is less than 3 lbs.
* Large eye port provides the largest field of view possible--V-67 degrees/H-220 degrees
* Dual Top Ventilation System allows for tool-free, hot-swapping from the included top cover with front air scoop for the optional top air cover for use with a forced air system
* Aerodynamic styling with front duckbill and Kammback
* Comfort Blend Plus liner featuring removable, replaceable, and adjustable pads for a more individualized fit, TrackPAT vision enhancing print, and appointed with embroidered GF logos
* Multi-density EPS liner engineered for maximum performance
* 2.5mm thin optically correct polycarbonate shield
* Synthetic rubber shield seal keeps dirt and debris from being a distraction
* High-quality materials allow the chin strap to be thinner for a more comfortable and secure fit
* Newly designed M6 threaded head and neck restraint anchor
* Available in several sizes

Helmet Type:
Snell Rating:
Snell SA2020
FIA Rating:
FIA 8859-2015
Helmet Base Color:
Carbon fiber
Helmet Finish:
Fresh Air Compatible:
Helmet Primary Color:
Carbon fiber
Helmet Shield Included:
Removable Lining:
3.000 lbs.
Helmet Shield Color:
Helmet Liner Material:
Sold individually.

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