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You can't join a race without the right gear in your ride, first. Harnesses, seats, proper brakes, upgraded cooling systems, suspension, the works. We have it all here.

Racing harnesses are meticulously designed to keep drivers securely strapped into their seats, preventing unwanted movement during intense maneuvers. These multi-point harnesses distribute forces evenly across the body, minimizing the risk of injury during sudden stops or collisions.

Race car seats are not just about comfort; they're engineered to provide optimal support and reduce fatigue during long races. Designed with advanced materials and ergonomic contours, they ensure drivers maintain proper posture and control even under the most extreme conditions.

Brakes are a lifeline in motorsports. High-performance racing brake systems are engineered for exceptional heat dissipation and stopping power. These systems withstand the extreme heat generated during aggressive driving and enable precise control for navigating tight corners and hairpin turns.

Cooling systems are critical to maintaining a race car's performance. In the heat of competition, engines, brakes, and transmissions generate immense heat. Specialized cooling solutions, including radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers, prevent overheating, ensuring consistent power delivery and extending the life of crucial components.

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