1997-2004 Corvette - Transmission Tunnel Heat Shielding

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DEI Floor and Tunnel Shields II offer a revolutionary dimension to heat control, needing just 3/16" of clearance.

Constructed with an embossed aluminum face bonded to high-performance composite fiberglass insulation, these barrier sheets can withstand temperatures up to 1,750 degrees F.

Plus, they come pre-attached with a durable adhesive that will hold at temperatures up to 450 degrees F, making them great for under-car uses.

They also provide sound insulation, blocking out up to 50% of those unwanted road sounds.

DEI Floor and Tunnel Shields II can be easily cut with tin snips to fit any shape needed. (Note: Some shields use spray-on adhesive.)

Mat Position:
Tunnel plate
Mat Use:
Heat barrier
Thickness (in.):
0.187 in.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (degrees F):
1,750 degrees F
Sold as a kit.
Tunnel plate and side shield kit.