2003.5-2013 Corvette - High-Power Fuel Pump

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Eliminate all the fuel pump systems your Corvette needs with an Aeromotive Eliminator Stealth kit! This powerful covert drop-in fuel system is fit to handle up to 1,400 hp in forced induction and up to 1,900 hp for naturally aspirated designs.

No more multiple potential failure points-- this system seamlessly integrates with your factory fuel tank, jet siphon system, and sending unit, plus includes an integrated 100-micron stainless steel pre-pump filter.

The installation? A breeze-- just connect the two wires, feed the line, and you're ready to roll! Whether your application is carbureted, EFI, nitrous assisted, supercharged, or turbocharged, you only need one fuel system-- the Aeromotive Eliminator Corvette Stealth kit.

Maximum Fuel Pressure (psi):
Fuel Pump Included:
Flow Rate:
133 gph/503 lph
Fuel Pressure Regulator Included:
Boost/Vacuum Reference Port:
Fuel Line Included:
Fuel Filter Included:
Fittings Included:
Clamps Included:
Sold as a kit.
Supports engines up to 1,900 hp naturally aspirated and up to 1,400 hp with forced air induction systems. Requires the use of a bypass style regulator and return line. Must use OEM tank O-ring and lock ring.