2018-2022 Mustang 5.0L - Intake Manifold Heat Shield

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Gain horsepower with Heatshield Products I-M shields! Stop heat radiating off the motor for a denser mix of fuel and air—just like an intercooler—resulting in more power. The adhesive will easily attach to any clean, semi-smooth surface: simply degrease, clean with alcohol, let dry, and press firmly onto the intake manifold. Ignite your engine with Heatshield Products I-M shields!

Features include:

* Withstands 1,100 degrees F radiant continuous, 2,000 degrees F intermittent
* Adhesive good for 300 degrees F
* Lower intake temperatures
* Increases up to 12 RWHP

Heat Shield Attachment:
Heat Shield Material:
Heat Shield Color:
Maximum Temperature Rating:
2000 F
Sold as a kit.