Zero 360 Fire Suppression System

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Lifeline Fire Zero 360 fire suppression systems use Novec 1230 fire suppressant. It's non-conductive, efficient, and able to tackle fires that are out of sight of the nozzle. This makes the Zero 360 range perfect for use in the professional motorsport environment. Using only the finest materials in both construction and installation kits, the Zero 360 range has a system to suit every size application.

Manual Fire Marshal Zero 360s are the perfect introduction for anyone looking to upgrade their fire suppression system. Stored pressure electric Zero 360s are electrically operated by the push of a button and an excellent option for the serious competitor. Remote charge Zero 360s self-pressurize upon activation and efficiently distribute their suppressant with a remote cartridge integrated onto the side of the cylinder.

Features and items may include:

* 8mm x 8 meter tubing
* FIA-compliant bracket and straps
* Cross, bulkhead, and T-connectors (one each)
* Cockpit nozzles
* Engine nozzles
* Pull cables (Fire Marshal models only)
* Waterproof switches (electric models only)
* Control box (electric models only)
* Decal pack
* 10 tube clips

SFI Rating:
SFI 17.1
Fire System Agent:
Novec 1230
Cable Included:
Fire System Activation:
Cable Pull Activation
Discharge Line Included:
Discharge Line Material:
Number of Spray Nozzles:
Bottle Material:
Bottle Color:
Bottle Brackets Included:
Fittings Included:
Hardware Included:
Sold as a kit.

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