356 Series Outseam Gloves with Cuffs

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SFI-3.3/5 Rated!

Going away from the traditional inner-stitched seams of most driving gloves, RaceQuip put the seams on the outside, making these more comfortable than traditional gloves. And hey, if Lewis Hamilton prefers this style, he's probably onto something. Who knows, maybe not having these gloves is why you're not an F1 world champ yet!

Key features of RaceQuip 356 Series outseam gloves with cuffs include:

* Double-layer Nomex knit construction
* High-grip, suede leather, reinforced palm
* Reverse-stitched seams for superior comfort and feel
* Extra-long cuffed gauntlet
* Soft, supple, and comfortable to wear
* Mitered fingers provide a precise fit
* Available in a variety of sizes and colors

SFI Rating:
SFI 3.3/5
Glove Material:
Glove Color:
Sold as a pair.

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