Red Line Water Wetter Cooling System Treatment

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Since you can't have coolant in your system in any racing series, add a bottle of this to your cooling system to make sure that your system is staying lubricated and rust/corrosion-resistant.

Red Line created the industry of pushing bubbles out of the way to ensure cooling with their Water Wetter cooling system treatment. It's a unique agent for cooling systems that doubles the wetting ability of water.

It offers rust and corrosion protection that allows for use of straight water in racing. It also improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature. Help your engine keep its cool with Red Line Water Wetter cooling system treatment.

Instructions and specs:
* Use 1 bottle for most race cars—treats 3 to 5 gallons or 13.2 to 15.9 liters
* Use 2 bottles with larger cooling systems
* Use 1 oz. (3 to 4 capfuls) per quart for small cooling systems
* Compatible with new or used antifreeze (including those with DEX-COOL and long-life versions) to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems
* Satisfies ASTM D2570 and ASTM D1384 corrosion tests for glycol-based antifreezes
* Contains no ethylene glycol

Quarts Treated:
20 qt.
12.00 oz.
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors Included:
Sold individually.