Side Mount Seat Brackets

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MOMO Racing seat brackets are laser-cut from 3mm carbon steel, covered with a durable matte black powdercoat, and offer a universal design to fit all their seat models.

They can also be adapted to fit other manufacturer's composite seats.

These brackets feature multiple side mount holes to provide a customizable height and lay-back mounting position. MOMO Racing seat brackets are fixed "L" style units that bolt to the side of the seat, along with bottom mount for various position to bolt to seat slides, roll cage, or structural member on the floor.

Seat Bracket Style:
Fixed mount
Bracket Material:
Bracket Color:
Sold as a pair.
Side mounts are 11.375 in. center-on-center. Bottom mounts center holes 9.895 in. center-on-center, and outer holes 11.765 in. center-on-center.