Spec E46: Coilover Springs (Fronts, Each)

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These are the springs mandated by Spec E46.

Each Hypercoil spring is built to deliver the best in performance—by utilizing cutting-edge design concepts like Optimum Body Diameter. OBD adjusts the body diameter of the spring relative to the end coils to provide more deflection and help resist bowing.

This design achieves a consistent spring rate and better performance, giving you the edge that you want.

Coilover Spring Inside Diameter (in.):
2.250 in.
Coilover Spring Inside Diameter (mm):
Coilover Spring Length (in.):
6.000 in.
Coilover Spring Length (mm):
Progressive Rate Spring:
Coilover Spring Rate (lbs/in):
750 lbs./in.
Spring Finish:
Sold individually.