V300SD Easy Access Data Logger

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The Racepak V300SD Easy Access Data Loggers offer all the advantages of their predecessors plus pre-configured data analysis channels, so you can make fast, informed decisions on the track. Commonly used on Pro Stock, Pro Modified, Sportsman drag classes and Land Speed, these loggers come with DataLink software and no longer need a security key, allowing you to access your data with any laptop with Datalink V5.

* Out-of-the-Box, this system will data log:
- Engine RPM
- Drive Shaft RPM (Requires driveshaft collar, sold separately)
- Accelerometer G-Meter
- Lateral G-Meter
- Battery Voltage

* List of pre-configured data analysis math channels included in the DataLink V5 software:
- Engine vs. Driveshaft Ratio
- Clutch percentage slip
- Clutch Slip Ratio
- Trans Ratio
- RR, LR, RF, LF Shock Velocity
- Average Air/Fuel Ratio
- Average Exhaust Gas Temperatures
- CC's Per Turn (for Fuel Flow)
- Track Time
- G-Meter MPH, G-Meter Distance (Feet)
- 60 ft., 330 ft., 660 ft., 1000 ft., 1320 ft. Clock Markers


* With sampling rates of up to 1,000 frames per second, the V300SD series of data recorders allow you to monitor up to 83 channels of sensor information
* Unlocked math channels for the following calculations: Clutch Percentage Slip, Trans Ratio, Shock Velocity, Average AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio), Average EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature), G-Meter MPH, and many more
* The included SD memory card allows you to transfer your vital sensor information to your laptop quickly, getting you back in the lanes without fumbling with cables
* The 83 total channels break down as follows: 72 V-Net; 4 Hard-wired Analog; 4 Hard-wired Digital; and 3 Internal Sensors (Battery Voltage, Accel/Decel G-Meter, and Lateral G-Meter)