2013-2020 Toyota 86 - Aluminum Racing Radiator

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This CSF Radiator is a lightweight, high-efficiency radiator, made from aluminum for superior strength and durability. It is designed to effectively cool a car engine even in extreme performance conditions, and is the ideal choice for racers & track day enthusiasts looking for reliability, strength and performance.

CSF racing radiators feature the most advanced and efficient radiator cores in the industry. They use innovative tube and fin technologies with industry-leading testing methods to maximize airflow and heat dissipation.

Specially engineered tubes in the shape of a "B" are carefully formed and then brazed over the seam. CSF is able to use thinner and lighter aluminum because this design is stronger than normal welded "O" shape tubes. With the inlet in the middle of a seam-brazed tube, the surface area of the tubes is increased approximately 15 percent over regular tubes. With CSF's B-tubes you get dual liquid laminar flow and the efficiency of two smaller tubes vs. one large tube in the same space.

Additional features of CSF racing radiators include:

* Finished with CSF's Show-Stopper mirror polish process
* CAD/CAM designed
* Racing-style aluminum drain plug
* Brazed in a controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) furnace—the preferred process for aluminum
* ISO 9001/9002 certification
* Military-grade (special clad) aluminum used for tubes, fins, and headers
* Plates and side brackets meet JIS 3003 specifications
* Privately owned factories with full in-house tool rooms
* CNC-machined fittings
* TIG welded

Radiator Material:
Radiator Style:
Transmission Cooler:
Inlet Location:
Upper passenger side
Outlet Location:
Lower driver side
Row Quantity:
Radiator Finish:
Core Width (in.):
25.56 in.
Core Height (in.):
13.31 in.
Core Thickness (in.):
1.25 in.
Radiator Inlet Size:
1.563 in.
Radiator Outlet Size:
1.563 in.
Trans Cooler Adapter Fittings Included:
Fan Included:
Radiator Cap Included:
Sold individually.
Don't forget to grab some Water Wetter for when you swap out your old radiator for this new one!