CSF Aluminum Racing Heat Exchanger

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CSF heat exchangers offer larger cores with greater cooling capacity. They feature their exclusive "B-Tube" technology--lighter, thinner aluminum material carefully formed in a "B" and brazed over the seam to seal.

The design is stronger and offers better cooling efficiency than traditional "O" shaped tubes. With great power comes great heat. Cool your power with CSF heat exchangers.

Features include:

* Dual-pass flow structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator twice before exiting the radiator, for the lowest outlet temperature possible (OEM-style design)
* CNC-machined, OEM-style "quick-connect" inlet/outlet connections
* CNC-machined, OEM-style mounting brackets and fittings for superb fit and durability
* Includes removable aluminum rock guard
* All-aluminum race-style drain plug
* Drop-in fit requires no modifications to install--accepts all attaching OEM components, including "quick-connect" hoses, mounting brackets, OEM X-brace, and all air ducting/shrouding.
* Lifetime warranty

Heat Exchanger Material:
Heat Exchanger Type:
Single pass
Heat Exchanger Color:
Fan Included:
Mounting Brackets Included:
Sold as a kit.
Don't forget to grab some Water Wetter for when you swap out your old radiator for this new one!